Stress Generators

So how can you reliably increase your stress levels? If you want to seriously weaken your immune system and increase your chances of heart disease and even those of a premature death into the bargain, then try a few of these: –


1. Do Something Unjust

Think of something you know in your heart is wrong, but for some reason you feel under pressure to do anyway. Perhaps you could bully an employee or colleague into doing something against their interest – it doesn’t really matter what, the essential element is that your action is counter to your fundamental values. Recognising this is much easier if you know what your values are – everyone is different, if you can’t put your finger on yours spend a little time getting to know yourself a little better with this values identifier.


2. Isolate Yourself

Ideally, for the maximum stress effect you should bottle everything up inside and share your ideas and concerns with no-one. Avoid having a variety of people around you and never share your inner thoughts. Psychologists have found, through extensive research on stress, that one of the best ways to keep things in perspective is by seeking and receiving social support, (defined as the belief that others understand your needs and will try to help you).


3.Reduce the amount you sleep

This is also a great way to suppress your libido! You know how a lack of sleep makes you short tempered and lacking in focus – research sited by the NHS suggests that it can also make you more prone to obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes, but on a day-to-day basis can really increase your stress levels and reduce your ability to reason logically.


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