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At Y.I.B.P we love to help businesses to grow – we specifically

work with organisations to create a positive impact on the environment.


Business Support

If you are not ready for the accelerate the growth of your company with coaching or one of our business support programs you will find lots of free assistance on the website. Go to the learning zone where you will find  business and marketing lessons covering leadership, sales, marketing and time management.

Go to the article section to learn more lessons on subjects including, coaching, business strategy, execution, team building, non executive directors and lots more.

Download our e-book “let’s Go Business Class” this is full of business lessons and exercises to get you started.

See below for a full list of our services.

Skills Training

In order to move your business forward it is essential to be constantly upgrading both your skills and those of your team.

We offer a range of highly interactive half-day workshops to help you to run your business better and to up-skill your people to accelerate your journey.

Topics include:

Recruitment & Interviewing Skills

Time Management

 Resilience/Stress Management

 Running Effective Meetings

Our Services

All delivered according to the BCN Code of Practice

  • Executive Coaching

    Executive coaching has proved to be one of the most effective forms of support for business leaders. Coaching is a helpful relationship between two people, based upon mutual trust and respect, honesty, openness and shared commitment.

  • The Learning Zone

    Use our free tools to expand your knowledge and skills to get ahead of your competitors and achieve your business objectives.

  • Intensive Strategic Session

    Strategic business planning is about asking the right questions, making plans to change  and to move forward with a business that will thrive and not struggle. The last thing you want is to die a slow death as the penguins would have done without looking at their environment.

  • Building a Winning Team

    Culture isn’t one aspect of the game, it is the game in the end. And organisation is nothing more than the collective capacity of it’s people to create value.

  • The Business Clinic

    A free weekly advice session – informal 30-minute slots with experts who won’t try to sell you anything, (it’s called goodwill).

  • Facilitation

    Ensuring you maximise team time and effort by running effective meetings, team building sessions and seminars on your behalf.


Every business person needs Fran. She has taught me how to be a businesswoman. I always used to say that I was an accidental businesswoman but not any more. Fran has taught me to look at situations and ideas from a completely different perspective.

Eve Bell, MDBaba & Boo Ltd.

“You facilitate communication, direction and the ability to move forward. You do this by helping us to clear the wood from the trees. One of our key issues was our egos and personality conflicts that got in the way of progressing our company forward. Your facilitation cleared a path and gave us the clarity and direction we needed.” 

Nick Earlam CEO Plexus Cotton

Fran is a highly competent and professional Business Mentor who delivers her guidance and advice in a compassionate manner.
Fran’s structured approach has seen our business goals become clearer and helped move the company to the next level.Robert

Robert Lomax, MDLiquid Roofing Ltd.

“We had assumed the recession was the cause of our problems: you helped to clarify that, with the right tools and advice, it is possible to thrive in a recessionary period” 

David HunterLovelock Michell Architects

“I am certain that Bob and Andrea’s experience and ability to spot the potential pitfalls in an already successful business like ours has helped us avoid expensive mistakes. Our growth has been measured and controlled. It is planned and I sleep easily at night knowing our business has not only survived a credit crunch and economic downturn, but has thrived through it”.

Bryan Adams CEO PH-Creative

Getting intelligent and practical guidance on effective approaches for dealing with business challenges from experienced professionals has helped me to tackle everyday problems with greater perspective and confidence.

Jon Clements, MDMetamorphic PR

Bob has an infectious enthusiasm for business, backed up by many years’ experience of building his own group of companies and helping others to achieve success in theirs. Any owner manager who is serious about expanding potential for themselves and their business should talk to Bob. 

Steve Greensill Director Pursglove & Brown Chartered Accountant

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