Who was the client – which type of organisation in which market?

Specialist construction company working in NW England with £2m turnover and modest profitability. 


What was the situation/problem addressed?

When Fran started working with the company it was highly dependent on the Managing Director in every area of the business from sales, marketing, estimating and accounts to aftercare and people management. As a result the MD was both pressurized and stressed, and while staff respected him they were not sufficiently challenged or contributing to their full potential.

Growth had stagnated with very patchy performance through the year.


What change was delivered?

  • Strategy day for Senior Management Team where consensus was reached on direction and level of ambition for the business
  • Pairing of key staff to carry out each others roles
  • Written procedures for all roles
  • Refined appraisal system with clear objectives
  • Set up regular one-to-one coaching sessions between MD & senior management team members
  • Recruitment training including objective assessment of applications & behavioural based interviewing techniques
  • Recruitment of Business Development Manager


What were the outcome and benefits?

  • Existing team more engaged and addressing day-to-day issues as they arose without constant referral to MD
  • Improved team working with better understanding of the impact of actions on others
  • Targeted recruitment with no leavers within first 12 months
  • New estimating system, developed and championed by new staff member without direct input from MD
  • Turnover increased by 54% in first year
  • PBIT increased by 189% in part due to targeting most profitable work


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