IMG_1108Who was the client – which type of organisation in which market?

Medium sized furniture manufacturer with international distribution.



What was the situation/problem to be addressed?

The client wished to set up an offshore manufacturing facility for the production of highly specialised items, requiring specific expertise. They had been unable to attract the right talent from their advertising and so decided to undertake a search project to identify holders of the skills required, engage with them and encourage them to apply.



What change was delivered?

  • Drafted brief for the role including company background information, job description, competencies required and remuneration package.
  • Drew up non-disclosure agreement for all candidates engaged.
  • Potential candidates were identified by online desk research and telephone references
  • Direct approaches resulted in four applicants
  • Interviews carried out in conjunction with client, providing training in behavioural based interviewing techniques to gain factual evidence of competencies, which could be applied to future recruitment.
  • Referenced candidate with past employers.
  • Offered role and negotiated package and starting date.


What were the outcome and benefits?

A suitable candidate was recruited and successfully set up the manufacturing facility allowing the client to break into an entirely new product area using their existing distribution channels, maximizing utilization of logistics while significantly increasing both turnover and net profits.


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