Baba and Boo is an online retailer specialising in reusable nappies and baby clothes for a high end, designer market.

The business iss the brain child of Eve Bell, who decided to switch from a successful career as a buyer to running her own company. But while she knew she had the ideas to make the venture work, she was concerned that her lack of financial knowledge, and a weak business strategy, was threatening to hold her back.


The Challenge:

“I felt stuck,” she explains. “I needed someone to talk to who could help me to give the business more direction.”


The Solution:

She contacted the Business Growth Hub, who put her in touch with business mentor Fran McArthur. Fran is one of the Hub’s most experienced mentors, with over 20 year’s management experience, predominantly in the consumer durables sector. She is currently working as a consultant, specialising in areas such as strategic marketing and new product development.

Initially, Fran spent some time getting to know Eve and understanding her business.  She was then able to help her develop a much stronger strategy to take the business forward.

“With Fran’s help I assessed the business and split it into various departments,” explains Eve. “I then analysed each area, looking at the strengths and weaknesses and the various roles in each one. Carrying out this exercise has helped me to develop a plan for each part of the business, and how I want to move the business forward.”

Fran also worked on the company’s finances, helping Eve to understand the importance of forecasting, and the profit margins on all aspects of the business. Previously, admits Eve, she had only ever looked at the bank balance when she needed to buy new stock.

“Working with Fran has given me much more focus and the confidence to take the business forward – I feel so much more in control,” she continues. “I now understand the numbers that lie behind the business strategy and I can use this information as a guide to how well the business is performing.”

“After meeting Fran I now have a fantastic growth plan in place. What she has taught me in four months is nothing short of amazing, and I feel really excited for the future,” she adds.

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