Managing our time better can be a challenge with many competing demands; here are a few resources which will help you to be more effective.

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It may be helpful for you to start by thinking about how you are actually using your time and segmenting it in terms of Importance and Urgency:

Priority Matrix copy


Ideally we should be spending our time on Important things (top two quadrants), rather than the unimportant, equally, by spending time in Q2 we will be spending quality planning time instead of firefighting – merely by putting chunks of time aside for Q2 activities the number of emergencies will automatically reduce.

Be honest with yourself, how much of your time is really spend in  Q3 and Q4?


To help you analyse this download the form below and fill it in (honestly and at 15 minute intervals throughout each day) to give you a true reflection of where your time is spent.

Time Analysis Template


Having analysed your time and addressed the unnecessary drains on your productivity start the discipline of planning everything into your schedule – this will help you be more realistic about what you can actually achieve instead of becoming despondent when there are still things on your ‘To Do’ list at the end of the week.

Decide when is the best time for you and either complete this form or put it into your electronic diary – you may find it helpful to colour code and don’t forget to plan in travelling time and breaks.

Weekly Planner Template


Good luck.

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