Surf the Waves

Her lips began to wobble and tears started to roll slowly down her cheeks. Ruby (not her real name) was crying which, for her, was a break through. Up until this occasion, Ruby’s reaction when her emotions ran high was to ‘storm’, to ‘kick-off’, to react unreasonably by lashing out. This was because she did […]

Learning from Experience

While we all like to think that we are learning from experience all of the time, the truth is that the whirlwind of the day-to-day often means that we fail to reflect and therefore gain maximum benefit from the events to which we are exposed. Applying Kolb’s Learning Cycle terminology; we are exposed to different […]

Understanding Relationships

When you interact with other people, is your primary aim to get something from them, or is it to give something to them? Or are you just too awkward in company to do anything positive at all? If you fall naturally in the ‘giving’ category you will most likely excel in interpersonal relationships and need […]

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