Action Learning

A powerful method of problem solving.


If you would like to approach problem solving in a different way involving deep thinking and new solutions Action Learning could be for you. Action learning is the process of bringing together thinking and action. The process creates new ways of approaching problems, which may have previously seemed impenetrable.

Action LearningAction learning takes place in a ‘set’ – a group of six to eight people, who meet regularly with an action learning facilitator. They contract to meet – usually for five times over 6 – 12 months. Most action learning sets are made up of peers who work at similar levels of responsibility; they may be from a number of different organisations or from the same one.

The classic facilitated structure for action learning sets relies on a member presenting their current challenge, the set listening, asking only open questions and through refection, the presenter coming to a new action plan. At the end of the session motivation and commitment to take the action is very high.


Results are tangible and long lasting.




Every organisation has its unique issues and challenges so the benefits you glean from action learning are largely defined by what specific matters you bring to the process. You can expect to experience many positive changes including:

  • Acquiring long lasting problem solving skills
  • Learning best practice
  • Promoting leadership skills
  • Being challenged by the team
  • Evolving fresh ideas
  • Forming effective plans for immediate implementation


If you would like to see the benefits action learning might bring to your organisational contact an accredited facilitator from Your Ideal Business Partner for a free consultation.