Tick-Tock Time Management

Have you ever run out of day before you’ve achieved all you intended to? That tick-tock feeling of time draining away? Have you noticed that some people never seem to and, what’s more, they make it look effortless? How do they manage their “to-do” lists without stress and still have time left over for leisure? Well, here are some clues:


Top Ten Time Wasters:

  1. Losing or misplacing things
  2. Technology – turned on all the time
  3. Unproductive or unnecessary meetings
  4. Unnecessary levels of perfectionism
  5. Task-hopping
  6. Fire-fighting
  7. Dodgy delegation
  8. Distractions
  9. Procrastination
  10. Interruptions


Top ten time management tools

  1. A well-organised work space
  2. Effective filing (electronic or otherwise)
  3. Confidence in acting decisively
  4. Delegating effectively
  5. Using Covey’s time matrix* (spend most of your time in Q2 high importance / low urgency)
  6. Checking emails only at specific times of the day
  7. Using technology effectively
  8. Scheduling everything
  9. Carrying your schedule and contact list with you all the time
  10. Looking after yourself i.e. enough sleep*, adequate exercise, healthy diet etc.


There are plenty of books, TED talks etc. which help you to use your time more efficiently and enjoyably. One of my favourite TED talks – and I am not alone – is Arianna Huffington – how to succeed get more sleep

*The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. Well worth a re-read and a must for all libraries – personal and business. It includes the time matrix mentioned above.



If you would like to learn a bit more about time management and some practical tools for getting more out of your life in 2016, make a start by joining one of our half-day workshops.



The Author: Rachel Ward Lilley is a business & educational psychologist. After working for many years in and advising SMEs her current work relates to issues of communication, personal.