Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

A Simple Strategic Plan To Grow Your Profits

One of the greatest issues directors and business owners have to deal with is busyness. How many times do you hear the phrase “I am too busy”. The issue is always the same, you are too close to your own business to see the woods for the trees. From my experience this happens from small businesses to the corporate world.

Why? Because you are human.

How easy is it to look at someone else’s business and give constructive criticism.

It’s very easy isn’t it?


Because we are not emotionally attached to the business and we see things logically. Just like any relationship. It’s easy to see how your friends are messing up their relationships, but it’s difficult to see how you are messing up yours, even when you know something is wrong.

What can be done?

From my experience having worked with lots of companies the first step is to pull back and have a strategy day. A day where you can spend time with your team and make some effective plans, including business objectives and a plan of execution.

The first thing to do is decide what the end goal is. For example if it is to double profits without adding costs, the process could look something like this:

Plan – What three things do you need to do to achieve the objective?

Strategy – How are you going to achieve the three things?

Execute – Create projects with your team, agree deadlines, responsibilities and budgets.

After your strategy day, you will feel confident, have direction, clarity and your team will be energised to deliver it

Great leaders know what they want and they build teams to deliver it. People like to follow a leader who knows what he/she wants. They also like to know what they are supposed to do to help achieve the leaders vision and objectives.

The next step if you have not already achieved it is to get organized for growth.

The key to this is roles and responsibilities. A great test to see if you are organised is to write down a list of your team. Now against each one write down their job title and the three key things that they are responsible to deliver. (Key performance indicators)

Once you have done this, have a chat with each person and ask them what their job title is, this should be the same as yours otherwise you are in real trouble. Now ask them what their three key performance indicators are.

Are they the same? I hope so otherwise you are not on the same page.

In the UK we have funding at the moment called Growth Accelerator. This support will help you with the costs to bring in a facilitator to organise your strategy day and support you through the whole process.

If you are outside the UK, investigate what support your Government has for you.

Alternatively in the words of Nike ‘Just Do It’

The return on your investment in terms of time and money will be x 100.

I have carried out this exercise many times and every time it is a great success.

Everyone gets something from it. The leader gets a motivated team and objectives are delivered. The team becomes motivated and understands what they have to do to deliver their leaders objectives. A win-win all round.

Learn how to write a strategic business plan on a single sheet.

Bob Evans
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Business Is Simple

Business is simple – it is people who make it complex. The core problem of many struggling businesses is leadership and people management.


Most businesses are started by employees.  With no business training or business acumen, they woke up one morning and decided they could do it better than the people they were working for, make more money, have more time and do things the way they want to do them and not be told what to do. They have experience, knowledge and skills in what their job or occupations are, but have poor knowledge and skills in marketing, sales, finance, system thinking and people management.

Most business owners go through this process.  The ones that really want to be successful, (after a few years when they realise they are not god’s gift to the business world), begin to seek out help. This is normally done by buying business and marketing books, CD’s and such like. They then get confused by the mixed messages and end up continuing to do the same things, getting the same results because it’s safe.

From my experience most business owners either fall into business because it seemed the right thing to do and then get stuck, or want financial freedom by building a business and selling it, then living off the interest of their investments, and why not, seems like a good idea to me. I did it and now do what I want to do. Help others do the same. For a fee of course, this is a business program after all.

The reality is most businesses fail or struggle and the reason is very simple, they are run by people who do not know what to do to make healthy profits. They spend their time doing the things they like doing, not the key result activities they should be doing.

Business is simple. Buy for a £1 sell for £2 and make a £1 profit.

The Process of Business

The basic process of business is very simple. Everyone knows you need to attract new customers and qualified leads through marketing activity, convert qualified leads into orders through the sales process, then make or do what has been promised and finally get paid for it.

As you can see it’s very simple.  So why do people fail to build a successful and profitable business of real value?  Why do people fail at business?

One of the reasons is they forget why they went into business in the first place and get bogged down with nonsense, although it doesn’t feel like nonsense at the time.  They think it has to be done, we can’t let the customer down. You may feel like that as you read this, if you relate to the problem.

Is this you? Are you locked into your business, dealing with customers, your employees and the process?

From Too Little Time to Time to Work on Your Business

Developing processes and systems and investing in the right people, will allow you time to FOCUS on the critical success activities that will generate value in your business and eventually your personal wealth.

All you have to do is decide to do it.


Take a look at the concept below

Your Business

Your New Business

Ordinary systems operated by EXtraordinary systems operated by
EXtraordinary people create Ordinary people create
Ordinary results EXtraordinary results

When you walk into McDonalds, who serves you?

McDonalds employ young people with basic knowledge and skills, but look how successful they are using processes and systems to run their business. You can do the same.

Growth Accelerator can support you with funded business advise and coaching follow this link to learn more The support can include strategic planning and marketing strategy

Bob Evans
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