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Five Steps to Grow Your Business

Ultimately, our clients pay me for one specific function: We help them grow their business. And as you can probably guess, there are a myriad of ways to accomplish this goal—ranging from systemisation to smarter marketing to the creation of effective teams.  But in this series, we are going to focus on five steps that your business can take to dramatically increase your gross revenue and your net profitability.  The following are five actionable steps which have worked wonders for myself and many of my clients.  We will take an in-depth look at each step in the near future.

Increase lead generation.  It all starts with lead generation.  Every one of your current clients started off as a lead—and you can’t grow your business without generating more leads.  It is not enough to take a helter-skelter approach to lead generation.  It is critical that you create systems of lead generation that work time and time again.

Increase your lead conversion rate.  Of course, you can generate hundreds of leads per week and have nothing to show for it if you can’t convert.  Every business is successful at converting at least a small percentage of their leads—but how much room for improvement exists?  Have you created a documented, consistent system of conversion that really works?

More repeat orders.  It’s great to emphasise lead generation and conversion—but too many business owners forget to re-market to their current clients.  As a result, they forfeit untold amounts of revenue each month.  Are you marketing to your current clients? (This is likely you least costly, most effective marketing opportunity.)

Increased order amounts.  Once again, too many business owners ignore the obvious opportunities to increase revenue.  And what could be more obvious than increasing your average sale amount?  Are you actively bundling and up-selling to customers and clients?

Increase Profits.  As a business owner, you should be focused on net profit—not gross revenue.  Your business could bring in £100 million of gross revenue next year, but if your expenses are £99.95 million, you may as well be working a mid-level position in someone else’s business.  Boosting revenue is great—but it’s only half of the equation.  Are you effectively controlling your costs to maximise profitability?

Which of these five steps will best help you dramatically increase your gross revenue and net profit.  Stay tuned as we examine each of these steps in depth!

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Author: Bob Evans – Your Ideal Business Partner Google+